Pages "swim" to the left on mobile phones

asked Mar 3 in Wordpress Themes by misc (140 points)
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Hi there, when opening up my page the pages "swim" to the left on the mobile phone when moving it. I use a Samsung S7. Do you have the same problems? What can I change in the TT6 Template?

Thanks, Nicole

1 Answer

answered Mar 18 by lisa-west (20,260 points)
Width of header foreground image 'headerforeground01' is statically 300px, which is greater than the width of header after a certain resolution. It is the reason that your website is moving on one side. You need to decrease the foreground image in case of mobile.

Go to TemplateToaster -> Mobile view -> Click on Foreground image -> Format tab will be visible now -> Layout, decrease the height and width.
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