Slideshow doesn't work properly

asked Feb 28 in Drupal Themes by akensoft (120 points)
Hi, I'm from Italy and I'm sorry for my not so good english.

I have a Drupal fresh install (v. 7.54) with only "JQuery update" module installed (to have the last JQ version).

I download the "Leisure" theme and install it. At the moment I noticed the following problem:

- The slideshow shows only 2 of the 3 images. If I click on the arrows and on the little squares, the image doesn't change.

When I tested the theme from the TT preview it works on Firefox and Chrome.

Thanks in advance,


1 Answer

answered Mar 1 by unmuted-media (220 points)
I noticed the same on my WP theme. The slides Left and Right doesn't respond
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