Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Marketplace?

It is a place to buy as well as sell themes designed with our product TemplateToaster.

Can I Sell Manually Designed Themes?

In TemplateToaster marketplace users are only permitted to sell themes designed by TemplateToaster. However, you could sell your manually designed themes on our partner venture

What are the General Specifications of a Theme to be Uploaded?

As such there is no mandatory rule for a theme to be uploaded unlike other portals the only thing that matters is that theme should be designed with a TemplateToaster.

Who will Decide the Price of My Theme?

The task of Choosing the price of theme lies in the hand of the creator, subjected to approval by TemplateToaster Team.

Is there Any Limitation to the Themes I Upload?

No,There is no boundary here in the marketplace, the user can upload "n" number of themes.

Does my Uploaded Theme Needs Approval ?

Yes, all themes uploaded are required to be tested and approved manually by the Experts of TemplateToaster Team. This ensures a quality experience for the end users.

What if your uploaded Theme is Rejected?

If your uploaded theme gets rejected it’s ok. We won't reject an upload without giving constructive feedback as to why it was rejected and how you may change it to get it approved. After making the necessary changes, upload it again for the approval.

What are the Payout Options?

Currently TemplateToaster Marketplace offers PayPal option for payout.

What is the Pricing Distribution?

The Pricing Distribution solely depends on the sales.The seller has to pay Flat 50% charges of their sale and no other charges apply.

Can I Sell My Themes on Websites also?

We currently permit sellers to sell their themes exclusively on TemplateToaster Marketplace.