Second menubar for submenus: Please convert my "answered" unanswered question into a feature request for Development.

asked Jan 26 in HTML Website by bob91 (330 points)
Seeing as the only "answer" to my question was a request for examples, which I provided with no further response, I take it the answer is that the software doesn't do that.  Please change my question into a feature request for your Development team.

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answered Jan 29 by lisa-west (30,460 points)

We have checked the Website URLs provided, to create a separate second menu you can create text area within the menu in TemplateToaster and create hyperlinks with links to your category pages.

Go to TemplateToaster -> Menu -> Text area -> Create text area within menu -> Double click to edit -> Create Hyperlinks -> Add link to your category pages using internal page option.

For more help regarding internal page option please refer to point no. 11 in the following link:

commented Feb 2 by bob91 (330 points)
Took a few tries to get the submenu placements consistent from page to page, but thanks.
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