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Is there any way to put the slideshow only on Drupal's frontpage? Maybe someone has an idea about how to change a page template in Drupal?


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by lisa-west (33.1k points)
Yes, by editing the page.tpl.php file of the theme, it is possible. Just place the slideshow code inside the check, which checks if page is the drupal front page.
by robbiemc (100 points)
Is it possible you can give me the code for this?
by robbiemc (100 points)
Hi All...the support team gave me the code for this as per below;

The following code is to be inserted in to the page.tpl.php file of your theme;

<?php if(drupal_is_front_page()) { ?>

above the start of the slideshow code <div class="ttr_banner_slideshow"> (row 626 on my theme but I imagine each one is different)

You then need to add
<?php }?>

at the end of the code for the slideshow (row 907 for my theme) before the next element which in my case is a container <div id="ttr_page" class="container">

Hope this helps...!!!
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