in Wordpress Themes by jglazer63 (250 points)
I have a monitor that is set to portrait with a width of 1080.  Why is my web site (and Template Toaster) wrapping when there's plenty of room for the whole content within the 1080.  It seems to wrap at abou 1200 or less.

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by robert-williams (860 points)


We are using the Bootstrap 3 grid structure so md class reduce the column size below 1200px. Screen width 992px to 1200px comes under the category of md class. When your screen width wrap from 1200px the md class change your column structure.  The issue has been resolved with TemplateToaster8 you can download beta from

by jglazer63 (250 points)
I got the beta version and it's better but it is still wrapping way before the 900 pixel mark when I reduce the browser size.  Is there a setting to adjust for this?
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