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How can I get the article height in a Joomla Template to be a minimum 100% of the available viewport. In other words, I do not want it to push out the horizontal menu, header, or footer, and if the page is longer than the view port I do want to to scroll, BUT if I have a short article, I still want the container to fill the space between the header and the footer.


For example, if I have a home page with a short tag line, and a "Learn More" button, and those items sit atop a background image, I want the container to fill the space so the background image shows and the position of the tag line on the background image can be controlled.

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TemplateToaster provides an option to have a sticky footer in case of lesser page content,to have sticky footer please follow the steps provided below:

Go to TemplateToaster -> Footer -> Select sticky footer option.
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