TT7 Logo Toggle on/off feature missing in tablet & mobile view

asked Nov 3 in New Features Discussion by timbrown (280 points)
I just noticed that in TT7 that you cannot set the logo in the header to "none" as you can in TT6.  I've found this to be a really good feature in 6 since it allows me to use a custom image in the header (as a background image instead of a logo) when I create the mobile view of the template, mainly because the logo for some sites is too small in mobile view. It would be nice to have that functionality again, or, better yet, the ability to choose another logo entirely. As it stands, if I try to do what worked in 6 in version 7, it overlays the logo on the background image and then it keeps resizing the logo in the tablet view to be the same as the mobile view.

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