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asked Oct 6, 2017 in General Discussion by rainer (120 points)

when i set the page width to ie. 900 px, the switching to tablet-mode ist not at this smaller point, but like before.

Can i set up the "switch-width" for tablet-mode separatly?

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answered Oct 7, 2017 by lisa-west (26,240 points)

TemplateToaster provides an option to set page width separately for tablet and mobile views. To set page width for tablet mode separately  please follow the steps provided below.

Go to TemplateToaster -> Switch to tablet mode(provided at bottom pane) -> Page/Container -> Layout -> Width.

commented Oct 7, 2017 by rainer (120 points)
edited Oct 7, 2017 by rainer
yes, i can set the width of the tablet mode separately, but that is not the point. When i want a small layout in the desktop view, for example 900 px width, then the "switch-point" to the tablet-mode will not reduce simultaneously with the smaller site set-up, the switch-point persists on a wider set-up (about 1000 px  oder so ...?). Is this "switch-point" fixed or can i reduce this to another value?


meanwhile ....  i think ...

The setup of a page width ist usefull when responsive design ist disabled. Then you can set it to a small value like 600px or so, if you want ...

With responsive design activated the best value ist the default (1100px), you can set it a little bit smaller (1000px) for some reasons, but all smaller values are not useful. This has to do with the concept of the bootstrap framework. The device-modes and widths are predefined, so if you only change the width in the (big)desktop view you get a "inconsistence look" in relation to the other modes. So, if you want a small desktop width AND responsive design it necessary to modify the whole bootstrap framwork related to the grid system, device-modes, etc., i think TemplateToaster will not do this at the moment.
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