How to set font size and color in specific widget areas?

asked Oct 3, 2017 in Wordpress Themes by algemeen (300 points)
..or is this only possible with custom CSS?



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answered Oct 4, 2017 by lisa-west (26,240 points)

TemplateToaster provide option to set the background color as well as other styles to widget areas, user can apply styles to complete row as well as single cell as per his/her requirement. To achieve the same please follow the steps provided below.
Go to TemplateToaster -> Module Position/Widget Area -> Click to select a widget area > Select background (color/gradient/image) from position cell or position bar as per your requirement.

To assign font style to widget area content, please follow the steps provided below.
Go To TemplateToaster -> Modules/Widgets -> Header-> Typography -> Sets typography for widget heading.
Go To TemplateToaster -> Modules/Widgets -> Content-> Content properties -> Sets typography for widget content.

commented Oct 4, 2017 by algemeen (300 points)
I don't have these options in the "widget area" -tab. No header->typography nor Content-> Content properties etc..

Is this something that was introduced in TT 7? I have version 6.x
commented Oct 4, 2017 by algemeen (300 points)
Hi Lisa,

We spoke on the chat today. I followed your suggestion to activate a sidebar first in order to be able to change the typography of widget areas, but that still does not allow me to do that in "normal" widget areas, only the widgets in the sidebar are affected.

This is an example of a widget area that I'm attempting to modify  (typoghraphy):
answered Oct 4, 2017 by algemeen (300 points)

This image shows the options I have in the widget-area-tab:

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