Where is the FTP export function for HTML sites in version 7?

asked Sep 19, 2017 in HTML Website by student-donald (1,240 points)
Could not find the FTP function to upload a HTML site to host. Is this an over sight or has it been removed in TT 7?

Yes, I can use a 3rd party app like FileZilla, but it was in version 6.  Disappointing as I had a new site to upload today.


1 Answer

answered Sep 19, 2017 by student-donald (1,240 points)
FTP has been removed from TT version 7. (-5 points) Not a big deal and I can see where the HTML/CSS option for sites could join the Titanic in the future. Too bad more people don't know about TT as it's great for prototyping and small to medium none CMS regular sites. But with all the hoopla and hype about wordpress and the others it's to be expected. A new version of the other program I use will be out next month. I'll use that for my regular sites and TT for prototyping so I have a backup.
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