Blog Article/Discussion about Fixed vs Fluid Layout?

asked Aug 13 in New Features Discussion by student-donald (960 points)
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So how each one affects our web pages and layout thru the various size devices. Also this would be a great time to cover the new container tab in V7.

Thanks a lot!

1 Answer

answered Aug 16 by lisa-west (18,740 points)

As we are unable to clearly understand your query please elaborate it a little more so that we can guide you.


commented Aug 17 by student-donald (960 points)
In the PAGE tab under Layout is a choice of Fixed or Fluid. I would like to see a blog article explaining how these 2 work and how it affects your layout in different device settings or breakpoints. Does the fluid setting use a grid and containers? The Blog tutorial on Prototyping was very good. It would be great if we had one using the fluid layout walking us through making a page/site. I know I can look at bootstrap but that's not going to have the TT interface.

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