Wordpress taxi theme's slideshow not working

asked Jul 21 in Wordpress Themes by dropusaline (200 points)
I've downloaded the Taxi 0038 Theme. The problem is the slideshow does not work in either the .ttr or .zip versions, but TemplateToasters website demo works fine.

I've narrow it down to the CSS file where the problem lies.

Has anyone come across this problem and found a solution?

1 Answer

answered Jul 21 by lisa-west (20,260 points)

As we are unable to generate the issue from TemplateToaster project file and zip file both, slideshow is working fine at our end. Please once try it with latest version of TemplateToaster i.e. version
If still issue exists feel free to contact us back.

Anyone interested in localization of TemplateToaster v7 in exchange of a Pro License Contact Us