Is there a module for banners

asked Jun 18 in Joomla Templates by tuckerglenda (160 points)
My other template package had a "Banner" module you could place on a page for banners. How do I add all of my banner which are 940x100 to my site.  The 'DRAW" element is not working. I keep trying to us the Draw command in the Sidebar menu to draw an element for my banner to reside but it will not work.

1 Answer

answered 4 days ago by lisa-west (18,740 points)

TemplateToaster provides an option to add custom module positions inside header, slideshow, menu and footer. You can draw these positions within TemplateToaster and add your banner module inside these position after exporting the theme.
Please follow the steps provided below to add a banners module inside these positions:
Go to Control panel of Joomla -> Modules -> New -> Select Banners(as module type) -> Add details -> Select the position for it -> Save

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