Urgent! No category image in Joomla "List All Categories" menu type

asked Jun 5 in Joomla Templates by fdonna (380 points)
I've just noticed that if I create a "List All Categories" menu item and I want to show categories with their images, despite of Joomla settings (Category Image = Show), I obtain only a <ul></li> list of categories while, switching to Protostar template, images are shown.

Please, don't ask me to open a ticket because I've already 3 open tickets and your system doesn't allow me to open a new one.
Thank you!

Joomla v3.7.2

1 Answer

answered Jun 9 by lisa-west (18,740 points)
Our development team is currently working on this problem. The issue will be solved in the next build of TemplateToaster.
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