Toaster tables do not render properly in Joomla.

asked Feb 24, 2017 in Joomla Templates by networkandweb (270 points)

Template Toaster rendering:

Joomla rendering:

2 Answers

answered Feb 27, 2017 by iceferret (2,980 points)
Have you used your browsers 'inspect element' to see if other css is overiding the templates css file?
answered Mar 1, 2017 by marcin-sarewicz (190 points)
I have the same problem which is irritating. I don't know the proper solution but there is a workaround. Add class .table to all table tags with jQuery.

In custom.js add line:

 jQuery('table').addClass('table') ;

Somewhere in the begining, but after jQuery(document). ready({

This works for me
commented Mar 12, 2017 by networkandweb (270 points)
edited Mar 13, 2017 by networkandweb
This cludge works!  Thanks.  For others . . .

FTP to your host, and find the directory containing your template.
Find file customjs.js, and open it.

After . . .
jQuery(document). ready({

Insert . . .
jQuery('table').addClass('table') ;

Now, my site tables look how I styled them in TT.

Kudos to marcin-sarewicz.

EDIT: I found that if I upload my template again, customjs.js is overwritten and my code edit is gone.

So I put this in Template Toaster itself.

Go to General > Javascript, and enter this code:

/********** Table Fix **********/

jQuery (document).ready



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