How can I change the Archive Titles

asked Feb 23, 2017 in Wordpress Themes by kaesermann (120 points)
I use the TemplateToaster in german, For me, one of the big problems is, that templatetoaster always uses "Category Archive", "Tag Archive", "Posted In" or "Posted by" instead of the german terms.
Where can i set up TemplateToaster, that these names are changed to german? Or:: Is there a plugin in wordpress to fix this problem?


1 Answer

answered Apr 13, 2017 by lisa-west (24,280 points)
In case you want to change the text "Category Archive", "Tag Archive", "Posted In" or "Posted by", you need to modify theme files manually, to get more detailed solution please open a support ticket at: , our support team will look into your query and guide you in the right direction.
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