Menubar expands and stays at the top of the screen as I scroll down the page.

asked Feb 12, 2017 in Wordpress Themes by jenkinsbbg (240 points)

My menubar is set to be equal to the page with. However, when I scroll down the page the menubar expands to a full with and stays at the very top of the page as I scroll.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the temporary domain for the website:

1 Answer

answered Feb 13, 2017 by lisa-west (25,760 points)
It seems you have checked Sticky Menu option for Menu layout. If you don't want to apply Sticky Menu in your website you can uncheck the sticky menu option from the TemplateToaster. To remove the sticky menu please follow the given steps:

Go To TemplateToaster -> Menu -> Menu position -> Unchecked Sticky Menu option.
commented Feb 13, 2017 by jenkinsbbg (240 points)
Thank you Lisa I appreciate the help
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