When reloading a saved project some textareas moved to the right.

asked Feb 8 in Issues/Bugs by babamonkey (300 points)
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i got the following problem, when i save a project and reload it .. some parts moved a few cm to the right side.

For example .. i got 3 animated text fields when i save the project and close TT and reopen it .. they move like 3-5 cm to the right side.
The same happens in the footer. 1st textarea-field only moved a little but the 2nd "Home - Kontakt - Impressum" moved like 5 cm.

You can download the template there : www.cs-mueller.de/pic/Jumb0_Slider_Version.zip













1 Answer

answered 5 days ago by lisa-west (18,740 points)

Provided TTR file works fine with the latest build of TemplateToaster. You can use latest version of TemplateToaster for your theme to avoid any issues.

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