Sticky header image in Palerno Hotel template scrolls on tablets and mobiles

asked Feb 3, 2017 in HTML Website by dashep (120 points)
edited Feb 4, 2017 by dashep

I tried again with the unedited template.........

I opened the template Palerno Hotel and made no changes whatsoever to it. I previewed it in all modes and in all browsers, and it worked perfectly.

I then uploaded the HTML files to a sub-directory of 2 different websites I run (hosted separately with different hosts). I uploaded the files with both Dreamweaver and TT.

In EVERY case, the home page does not view correctly on either my iphone or iPad. The header image, which should stick, does not - it scrolls with the page. Also the image is zoomed in and stretched so much it just looks a blur.

It views perfectly well on my laptop. As I make the window smaller on my laptop to resemble tablet or mobile, it continues to work perfectly, scaling down to tablet and mobile size, with the toggle menu appearing correctly as I reduce the size of the window.

I've asked other people to check the uploaded webpages, and they confirm the problem when viewing on mobiles and tablets.

I then discovered that the corrupted view on tablets and mobiles is exactly like it would be if I had selected the Scroll feature on the Body tab (body scrolling with page), but the default option of Fixed (body not scrolling with page) was selected. So I tried again....... I opened the template again, selected Scroll, then switched back again to Fixed. Then I uploaded the files again, but the same problem exists.

Maybe somebody who's used this template and uploaded the HTML files had the same problem??

Or can somebody please try uploading Palerno Hotel by HTML to confirm that I'm not either stupid, or going that way!! crying

Please help!!


1 Answer

answered Sep 15, 2017 by lisa-west (25,840 points)
Theme Palerno Hotel works fine with the latest build of TemplateToaster. You can export the theme folder using latest version of TemplateToaster to avoid any issues.
Anyone interested in localization of TemplateToaster v7 in exchange of a Pro License Contact Us