Best template to use for a luggage catalog website? (No e-commerce)

asked Dec 30, 2016 in Wordpress Themes by jenkinsbbg (160 points)

I'm new to building websites and very new to Templet Toaster. I'm going to be building a website for a company that sells luggage. The website will ideally be essentially a catalog. Customers will be able to see the products we offer. However, it will not be an e-commerce site. No products will be sold online.

Any advice on the best theme or even the best approach for a project like this would be truly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

1 Answer

answered Jan 7 by lisa-west (13,200 points)

You can design your Luggage Catalog Website in WordPress With Content. In TemplateToaster you can design grid layout where  product catalog can be easily displayed.

commented Jan 8 by jenkinsbbg (160 points)
Hi Lisa,

Thank you for the info. I do have another quick question. When I start with a new theme I noticed there are two options for word press, word press without content and word press with content. What is the difference between the two of these options?

I have started with templates from both of these options , and I don't notice a difference between them.
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