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asked Sep 5, 2016 in New Features Discussion by moryason (340 points)

Dear TTR developpers,

I've been using TTR for a while now and here are improvements and optimizations I would strongly suggest (at least for Wordpress) :

Improvements :

  • Template background image shall have a parallax option. I would say it is almost a must.
  • All html tags defined in the blog page shall be applicable to all pages (not just posts, also pages i.e the ability to use <H1> tag in a page as defined in the page template)

Optimizations :

  • One image is entered once in the system. When entered, it shall be usage everywhere on every page as the same image. Today if I use a same image (using include image) on 2 different pages, TTR understands these are 2 different images which is not the case.
  • CCS optimization : A must... CSS is not optimized at all. 2 options then : Or there is one CSS per page (which is understandable) or there is a global one in this last case, all classes having the same parameters should be defined as one.

These are just ideas that would be greatly appreciated.

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answered Sep 6, 2016 by lisa-west (25,080 points)

Thank you for your suggestions we have forwarded your requested features to the development team. If it seems feasible, we will try to provide it in the latest build of the TemplateToaster.
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