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Hi, today I tried to make a new template in TemplateToaster for my Joomla website. I used to use Artisteer, but it's getting quite expensive. And I want to upgrade my Joomla site to version 2.5, but my template is not compatible with this. With some trial and error I created a new template. But I have problems in getting it installed. Either way by the configuration panel or by ftp. When installing it says that there is no XML-file. When I check the zip-file I can see that there is an XML-file. When I upload with ftp I also can see the zip-file, but it is not recognized by Joomla. Does anybody know what might be the problem? With Artisteer files I never had any problems.

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by docneet (160 points)
I think I found the answer myself. I uploaded the file again in the Jupgrade directory and now it was accepted. Only can't I see the new website, but that will be a Joomla problem. I'm going to try to fix it.
by tolka (140 points)
I have a little issue with the background in my template. Maybe it is a setting I have overlooked, but maybe it is a bug.
by iceferret (3.2k points)
Give us a clue?
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