A Robust Bootstrap Website Builder Software

TemplateToaster is based on Bootstrap framework. It acts as a perfect Bootstrap Website Builder Software to deliver exceptionally responsive websites.

Why to use TemplateToaster as Bootstrap based Website Builder Software?

TemplateToaster is perfectly embedded with Bootstrap’s grid system to produce highly optimum results. Moreover, this desktop based software is exclusively designed to create highly professional websites with best user experience. It embarks on hassle-free usability for amateurs as well as professionals. It allows you to create your dream website from scratch painlessly. Hence, all you need is a vision for your website and TemplateToaster will bring it to life!

Code Standardization

As Bootstrap Framework is well known for its standardised clean code. TemplateToaster adheres to it and generate stunning themes based on Bootstrap framework.

Familiar Interface

Nowadays almost every web designer is familiar with Bootstrap, it has been evolving in terms of its development. So, employing TemplateToaster becomes no less than a cake walk.


Bootstrap’s responsiveness breeds in TemplateToaster, thereby, making your Website device friendlier than ever before.

We are fully geared-up to extend the compatibility with Bootstrap 4, as soon as it launches.

How TemplateToaster Works?


You are offered an unlimited trial pertaining no costs. Download, Install & Get Started with it.

Design Themes / Templates / Websites

Design according to your requirements; you can start from scratch or customize any sample template available to you.

Export and Upload

Once you have the design ready, export the theme files, and upload them on your hosting server.

WordPress Bootstrap Theme Builder

TemplateToaster can work perfectly as your very own WordPress Bootstrap Theme Builder. Design Bootstrap based themes for WordPress, flawlessly, without having to worry about Bootstrap’s functionality and responsiveness getting hampered.

It becomes fairly smoother to generate Bootstrap based templates for other popular CMSes like Joomla and Drupal. Similarly, TemplateToaster can design Bootstrap based themes for ecommerce websites using Magento, Prestashop, Virtuemart, and Opencart. Furthermore, it even holds compatibility for basic HTML and Blogger as well.

TemplateToaster is embedded with Bootstrap framework precisely. This aims at rendering an optimal user experience on any device. Thus making it an apt choice as a perfect Bootstrap Website Builder. So, make your dream website with TemplateToaster in no time.