Template or Theme or Website in Three Steps

  • Download and install TemplateToaster on your computer. We offer unlimited trial.
  • Design the Template from Scratch or Go with TemplateToaster Suggestions or Modify a TemplateToaster Sample Template.
  • Export the theme or template or site and install it to the CMS or upload “as it is” to your hosting server in case of HTML website.

WordPress Theme Creator, Magento Theme Generator, Joomla Template Creator
HTML Template Generator, Drupal Theme Generator, Blogger Template Builder and Prestashop Theme design Software



    Theme Generator

    TemplateToaster offers you advance WordPress Theme design options like Custom Widget Area design, Custom Page Template Design etc.



    Template Generator

    Designing Custom Module Positions was never that easy. You can either start designing from Scratch or rely on TemplateToaster suggestions.



    Theme Generator

    Currently TemplateToaster is the one and only Magento Theme Generator Software available. Let’s Enjoy Web Designing !


    HTML5 / CSS3

    Website Design

    Design unlimited pages websites just in minutes, lots of stock images and templates available. Plus an advance inbuilt FTP.



    Theme Generator

    TemplateToaster support both Drupal 6 and 7 versions and natively support adding and designing Custom Regions everywhere in the Themes.



    Theme Generator

    TemplateToaster now support designing theme for PrestaShop e-commerce solution. It is the best PrestaShop Theme Generator Software.



    Woo Compatible

    TemplateToaster is now compatible with WooCommerce, one of the best WordPress Ecommerce plugin, just select its option while exporting.



    Blogger Templates

    TemplateToaster now support designing Blogger Templates out of the box, the most sought after Blogging Platform.



    TemplateToaster support Bootstrap Framework and all the Themes, Templates and websites you design will be based on Bootstrap Framework..



    We support all major browsers including, IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and all other standard compliant browsers including mobile browsers..



    TemplateToaster support HTML5 and CSS3 in addition to other latest specifications and output latest standard compliant best looking templates and themes..


    CMSs Types

    TemplateToaster support designing templates and themes for Joomla, WordPress Drupal and Magento, more CMSs will be added in future versions..



    TemplateToaster support Responsive design, your website will display perfectly fine on every device including desktop, laptop, tablets all type of smart phones..

What our customers are saying about us

You guys are awfully quiet for such a fantastic product. I’m getting ready to purchase it now and hopefully move away from my existing theme generator. So I must ask. Why are you not promoting this product more?!

–MW Brower (Through Facebook)

I AM IMPRESSED! I just updated all my computers with the latest release and have been playing around with it. I can’t wait to finish the template I am constructing for my friend’s website.

–John Akers (Through Blog Post Comment)

I am afraid more people are going to discover this tool, and discover how awesome it is because it could mean less work / customers for me !!!! TemplateToaster is THE BEST theme building tool I have used. Period.

–dnsplus (Through Blog Post Comment)

Some TemplateToaster Sample Templates